September Speakers Series

Brought to you by the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS)

The CMS conference in New Orleans was canceled, but the same great cutting-edge ideas for 2020 are right here!

Welcome to 3D Measurement U.  We are the Coordinate Metrology Society’s (CMS) video training site, and are hosting the September Speakers Series.  

The September Speakers Series is a combination of live and recorded events.  On this website you can watch the recordings that will be released in September of the same technical presentations that were scheduled for the New Orleans conference this year.


You can read all about the September Speakers Series, and join CMS, here:

Technical Presentations

The first videos will go live on September 8, 2020.  Register here:   

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Additional Training Videos

Your membership also includes free access to all of 3DMU’s training videos for 30 days.  Click on “VIDEOS” on the main navigation menu above.  

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