Video Programs

Contains 12 presentations

September Speakers Series

Covid-19 can't keep the CMSC down!

Release date:  September 8, 2020

The Coordinate Metrology Society had such a great conference planned for July in New Orleans! The ideas were flowing and plans were made, but to our great disappointment the Covid-19 pandemic changed all that.

But, it can’t keep us down! It won’t be the same as being together, we have to wait until next year for that, but we’ve adapted to the times. CMS is going to bring you some of the great content we always offer at our conference, so we have created our September Speaker Series so you can still hear new ideas and find solutions to the everyday problems we encounter at work.

Contains 9 short courses with 36 videos

Dimensional Measurement Solutions

Practical solutions for everyday challenges

If you’re not quite sure how to set up and solve a metrology challenge…
If you’ve got uncertainty and doubt about how to proceed…
Then our first training program, is for you. We started off with just a few videos and are continually adding to it.

This series of three minute videos will demonstrate best practices for traditional and portable CMMs, laser trackers, and laser scanners, as well as the software and peripherals that make them all work. This kind of hands-on training bridges the gap between the work organizations need done and the skills that technicians may need to sharpen. It can help answer the question we all have: “How can I do this better?”