Video Description: Presented by Andrew Ramsey. World-class manufacturers have many metrology solutions at hand to help them ensure the quality of their parts and finished products. For many decades now, the “gold standard” for accuracy has been a fixed coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Increasingly, however, alternative metrology options are coming to the fore which can approach and often equal the performance of CMMs for dimensional measurement. An option for an increasing number of manufacturers is X-ray computed tomography (CT), which uses penetrative radiation to provide three-dimensional images of a part. These systems can provide information in unique ways—by, for example, peering inside the part to analyze porosity, connection issues, or even the material layers in additive manufacturing processes. In this paper, we will review the current state-of-the-art for X-ray CT, consider the environmental and application factors that can affect measurement results, and review the problems, solutions, and lessons learned from a specific project at a manufacturer utilizing the technology. In the final section, we will compare and contrast the performance and accuracy of CMMs and X-ray CT in a variety of settings and for different applications. Industrial measurement is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition. Although fixed CMMs will continue to have their place, as this testing and these projects demonstrate, X-ray CT can offer a wealth of options for manufacturers who understand their specific application and are looking for the best combination of outcomes for their given process.

Course Description: This video series is not a course per se, but rather the tech papers that would have been presented in New Orleans at the annual CMSC conference.

Target Audience: Metrologists
Course ID: SSS2020.3